Custom Landscape Design Plans

What is your dream for your outdoor space?

A great landscape design starts with a great plan.

Landscape designs can include hardscapes (paths, patios, decks, arbors, water features, BBQ, fireplaces, fire pits, retaining walls, etc.), plants and outdoor lighting.

Designed specifically for your site and exposure, Good Earth custom landscape plans take into account our Southern Oregon climate, the sun and shade needs for optimal plant health and your personal preferences to design a functional, beautiful landscapes for your family to enjoy for years.

Roadmap to a Successful Landscape

Your scaled master plan is your road map to a successful landscape. It is a full-property comprehensive design plan that includes layout of all hardscape features (paths, patios, decks, arbors, water features, BBQ, fireplace, fire pits, retaining walls, lighting, etc.), all natural elements &emdash; plants, trees, and lawn &emdash; as well as a list of all plants chosen with both common and latin names.

The master plan allows you to prioritize goals, estimate pricing accurately, budget effectively and schedule logically. It ensures that the project happens in the proper order and provides clear directions for installation crews.

Many landscape architects, without installation experience, may design a beautiful landscape, but with no idea as to what these elements cost to install or how they will perform in your climate. You are left with a plan that you cannot afford to install with plants that may not be suitable for our Southern Oregon region. We develop your landscape plan with your budget and specific location in mind from the start.


We had hoped for a beautiful backyard. What we ended up with was incredible. From design through finish, Vaughn and his crew did detail work well beyond our expectations.

Jacksonville, OR   

Recent Landscape Design Projects

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A landscape plan:

  • Helps you visualize what the end result will be.
  • Takes into account the many ways you want to use your space – for dining & entertaining, play, gardening, relaxing and enjoying the view.
  • Ensures that the plants chosen will fit your space and a thrive in your unique micro-climate.
  • Makes the project more efficient and helps you to stay within your budget.

After 35+ years of landscape installation experience, we know not only what plants thrive in the Rogue Valley, but what various design elements cost to install. We’ve designed and installed landscapes for homes and businesses in Jacksonville, Ashland, Medford and throughout Southern Oregon.

With your master landscape design plan, you know you’ll be spending wisely to suit your time and budget. You’ll be well on your way to making your outdoor dreams come true.

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