Eagle Point Landscape Design

For this recent landscape design project in Eagle Point, the yard was pretty decent when the owners bought the home about a year ago. But although they loved the house itself, the yard, well, not loved so much.

They wanted something more upscale, something that brought joy everyday, something that they would be proud to show off. They planned on having friends and relatives over to their new home so a nice patio sitting area was must.

Patio Area and Water Feature

The owners really enjoy the sound of the falling water. I angled and oriented the waterfall towards the back door so it was the focal point when walking out. This also helped the falling water sound to be heard in the home when door was left open. The waterfall can also be viewed from the living area.

The patio area is raised to have a better view to the water feature when seated.

We installed LED yard lighting for evening get togethers. The water feature has a separate lighting system with a hand held remote control to be able to change the lighting color and intensity for different conditions.

Stone Faced Pillar

The rock pillar with lighting gives the front yard a upgraded, classy, welcoming look.

Front of House and Side

We designed some wood work items for screening as well as adding visual interest in the front and side yards.

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