East Medford Project

This East Medford backyard is getting a total makeover.

The original yard was sloped, and lumpy; the patio, smallish and somewhat unusable. Uruly and overgrown juniper was a fire hazard.

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First up, remove the juniper to to lessen the fire danger. Work has started on the enlarged back lower patio area. To manage the slope, the plan is to put in an 18″ high retaining wall – the perfect height for sitting – at the edge of the patio.

The design calls for stairs leading to a new upper patio sitting area to take advantage of the view of the Rogue Valley. Clear cedar 1″x6″ horizontal screens 8′ wide 6-7′ tall will help screen view of neighbors. Drip irrigation will be installed in all planting areas.

Work In Progress

And now the Results

The work is finished. Low voltage LED lighting is installed to extend the hours of patio use into the evening.

The retaining walls delimit planting areas on the slope. The stairs are complete leading to the new upper patio with cedar horizontal screens for privacy from the neighbor behind. A couple of fruit trees have also been planted along the fence line.

The side yard was leveled, a fenced in dog area added. and move the raspberries toward the front of the side yard.

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