Jacksonville – Landscaping in Phases

Sometimes, due to budget or time constraints, a landscape plan installation has to be spread out over 3, 5 or even more years. If your dreams are bigger than time or budget allow, your landscape designer can create a landscape master plan – an all-encompassing plan that includes all details of the project – the elements you wish for, solutions for challenges your space presents and defines the end goal for your garden design.

Your designer can help you break the project down into logical but smaller, more manageable chunks to ensure installation happens in the proper order. For instance, you don’t want to install a pretty patio and then have to drive heavy equipment over it to get to the back wall for grading or excavation.

This project in Jacksonville is an example. Last year, we built the tegula block walls for phase 1. This year, phase 2, we’re doing the rock work.

Next year, phase 3, the plan is to install the plantings and building the pergola.


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