Landscape Design Plan

A landscape design plan is a visual representation of your outdoor space, like a map. It includes natural elements – plants, trees, and lawn areas as well as permanent features and structures – buildings, driveways, pavers and pathways, water features, retaining walls, raised beds, outdoor kitchen, etc. It may also include lighting and irrigation. The plan uses scaled dimensions so you can see the relative size and space designated for each element.

The best thing about a landscape design plan is that it turns ideas into an action plan. During the planning process, you try out with different options. Once completed, the plan enables you to visualize the end result and maps out the way to get there.

Creating a landscape design plan also helps control costs. With the plan, you and your landscape installer can manage phases, schedule time, equipment, and materials delivery, making the construction process much more efficient.

This landscape plan is one we did for a large project in Grants Pass:

Click on images to see larger.

Landscape Design Plan - Grants Pass Project

Landscape design plans are often accompanied by plant lists and material lists, reference photos, text description and project notes to fully convey the design concept. This helps with cost estimates and also helps make sure that all parties have the same understanding of the project.

Text Description and plant list

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