Retaining wall takes shape

East Medford Project

This East Medford backyard is getting a total makeover. The original yard was sloped, and lumpy; the patio, smallish and somewhat unusable. Uruly and overgrown juniper was a fire hazard. Click on photo to see larger version. First up, remove the juniper to to lessen the fire danger. Work has started on the enlarged back […]

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Paver Installation

Paver Installation Process

Installed correctly, patio pavers should last for many years. At Good Earth Landscape, we have paver jobs we installed 20 years ago that still look great. But for that kind of longevity, preparation of the subsurface is the most important part of the job. Most pavers are 2 3/8″ thick. In order to accommodate a […]

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Pond is 4 ft. deep with steps down into it

Custom Backyard Landscape – Completed

We first shared photos of the work in progress and now we’re delighted to share photos of this East Medford backyard landscape project just recently completed. Click on photo to see larger version. The round paver patio has a cascading water feature ending in a 4 ft. deep pond. Steps into the pond allow the […]

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Metal pergola with lighting and fan shades jacuzzi

Recently Completed in East Medford

Here’s some snaps of a landscape project we recently completed in East Medford. The most outstanding feature is the large lawn – 5,000 sq. ft.! A metal pergola with lighting and fan shades a swim spa and jacuzzi. A pretty gravel path borders the edge of the property. Click on photo to see larger version. […]

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Backyard Landscape Project in Progress

Custom Backyard Landscape – In Progress

For this backyard landscape project in East Medford, still in progress, we designed and are installing a stone paver patio with a cascading water feature and cedar privacy screening panels. Click on photo to see larger version. The step-down cascading water feature ends with a mortared in the pool/pond. At 4 feet deep, it is […]

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Close Up Metal Globe Detail

Metal Globe Yard Art – In Progress

Large, lighted metal sculpture and yard art seems to be a growing trend in Southern Oregon. In this project, a custom laser cut globe is mounted atop of a stone pillar. We plumbed a natural gas line into it for a flame inside to illuminate it at night. …

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Panel at night with LED lighting

Metal Panels Yard Art Project

For this project, we had the centers of three large metal panels custom cut out to form the shape of a tree. Lit with low-voltage LED lighting, the panels make a dramatic statement at night. …

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Aerial view of pool deck pavers 2018 Backyard Makeover 05

Backyard Pool Project

Backyard Makeover It looks like a big job, and it is. As you can see in these photos, the “bones” are in place. You can already get a good idea of what it will look like when finished. This project involves installing a pool and deck area, terracing the hillside above the pool, installing a […]

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