Paver Installation Process

Installed correctly, patio pavers should last for many years. At Good Earth Landscape, we have paver jobs we installed 20 years ago that still look great. But for that kind of longevity, preparation of the subsurface is the most important part of the job.

Most pavers are 2 3/8″ thick. In order to accommodate a 4″ to 6″ base layer, the 1″ of sand bedding layer, and the 2 3/8″ of pavers, the paver installation area needs to be excavated 8″ to 10″ to start. The pavers should have a minimum 1/4″ per foot drop to prevent standing water.

Paver Patios Installed by Good Earth Landscape

At Good Earth Landscape, we install a minimum of 4″ of compacted 3/4 minus gravel. To get 4″ of compacted gravel we will typically install 5″ to 6″ as it compacts down to 4″. The base material should have sufficient moisture in it to get a high degree of compaction.

Clay soils require a thicker base. If the job is being installed in a clay subsurface, we may install 6″ to 10″ depending on how bad the clay is. We may even install filter fabric under our base material which provides additional stability for the base.

We extend the gravel out past the perimeter of our paver area an additional 6" to have a firm edge base to nail the paver edge constraint into.

Sleeves for lighting or irrigation are also installed in this base material. This base is compacted in 2″ lifts with a professional vibrating compactor.

On top of our compacted base material, we then install a 1" thick layer of coarse concrete sand or 1/4″ minus gravel for the bedding layer.

Finally, we are ready to lay pavers on top of the leveled bedding layer. During the design process the style, color, paver pattern has been determined by the customers.

After pavers have been installed, we typically cut the edge of the pavers to match the dimensions of the design for curves etc. Then the edge constraint, which holds the concrete pavers and the base in place, is installed.

We typically install a polymeric super sand by Alliance into all the paver joints. This is then watered in and locks the pavers into place and appears that the pavers have been mortared into place with the color that enhances the pavers, beige or gray. The finishing touch is applying the sealer.

Our favorite pavers and the ones we typically use are from Western Interlock, Belgard or Oregon Block. These companies have a great product and stand behind them as do we.

Do pavers fit with your landscaping plans?

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