Repetition in Design – In Progress

This project, currently in progress, illustrates the concept of repetition is design. It also is an example of a creative solution using hardscape for a sloped yard.

Repetition in Design simply means the reusing of the same or similar elements throughout your design.

In this landscape, the center of the patio has a circular medallion embedded a circular shape. The landing at the top of the stairs has the same circular medallion, this time embedded in a rounded horseshoe shape – a visual echo. Again, the circular shape is repeated on the stair landing. The size and colors of the pavers are repeated thoughout to further unify the design.

Repetition in good landscape design creates harmony, a sense of movement and a relaxed feeling so you experience the landscape together as a whole rather than a bunch of parts.

This project is still in progress. We’ll be finishing up in the spring.

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