Steep Slope Landscape in Ashland

The steep slope at this Ashland Oregon home made the backyard virtually unusable. It was a challenge to get our equipment in to do the to work.

But the property had a nice view. Our landscape design plan, making it more user friendly, required some terracing work.

On the top level, in front of the existing shed area extended the flat area to create a sitting area with a view. A bumpout built into the retaining wall serves as a base for bubbling water feature and increases the flat area. New stairs were added leading to the “wild” area above the shed.

Another set of stairs leads down to the next level. In front of the retaining wall is nother small seating area and plantings meant to attract birds.

A third set of stairs lead down to the next level where we installed redwood raised vegetable beds.

Finally we installed jute netting on the sloped areas to help secure the shredded bark until the plantings grow in.


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